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Generische Top-Level-Domains

Domain Beschreibung
com Commercial registrants
net Network provider
org Organizations that do not fit elsewhere
aero Air-transport industry
biz Business
eu Europe
info Info registrants
mobi Mobile
name Registration by individuals
pro Accountants, lawyer, physicians and other professionals
tel Telephone
travel Travel
9.4.e164.arpa ENUM-telephone number mapping

Länderspezifische Top-Level-Domains

TLD Land
de Germany
ae United Arab Emirates
ag Antigua and Barbuda
asia Asia
at Austria
be Belgium
br Brazil
by Belarus
ca Canada
cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
ch Switzerland
cn China
cz Czech Republic
dk Denmark
ee Estonia
es Spain
fi Finland
fr France
gr Greece
hk Hong Kong
hn Honduras
hr Croatia/Hrvatska
hu Hungary
ie Ireland
in India
ro Romania
it Italy
jp Japan
li Liechtenstein
lu Luxembourg
lt Lithuania
lv Latvia
md Moldova, Republic of
me Montenegro
nl Netherlands
no Norway
nu Niue
pl Poland
pt Portugal
ru Russian Federation
se Sweden
sg Singapore
si Slovenia
sk Slovak Republic
to Tonga
tw Taiwan
tv Tuvalu
uk United Kingdom
us United States
vn Vietnam
za South Africa
xn--p1ai IDN Russian Federation
co.nz New Zealand (Third Level)
com.mx Mexico (Third Level)
com.tw Taiwan (Third Level)

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